Pauline Hanson Wants To Lie Down In A Paddock Today & She’s Dared The Cops To Fine Her

With social movement heavily restricted and police across the country now empowered to slap heavy fines on people who are caught outside flouting those new rules. Whether or not that’s a proportionate response obviously remains to be seen, as does whether police will apply the fines judiciously or whether they will be disproportionately handed out in low-socio economic or ethnically diverse areas. Regardless, the social movement restrictions and stage three lockdowns and whathaveyou are in place are a necessary (and temporary) pain in the ass in order to protect the greater public health. The punitive measures – heavy-handed as they may be – are necessary because a small, select percentage of the population remain steadfast in their desire to be selfish pricks who believe their petty wants as individuals supersede the needs of the community. And to that end we have Pauline Hanson.

The patron saint of “why does this apply to ME” made a truly baffling appearance on Sky News Australia, aka group therapy for the lunatic fringe, and not only asserted that was she keen to head out today and flout the social movement restrictions, but she also dared the cops to come fine her for doing it.

“No Premier of any state is going to tell me whether I can go see someone or not,” Hanson barked while appearing on Paul Murray Live yesterday.

“Are we becoming that much of a Nanny State?” she queried, in reference to yesterday’s hullabaloo that saw both Victoria and New South Wales flipflop on previous assertions that travelling to visit a partner or loved one was banned.

From there, Senator Hanson’s attentions turned to fines that are already being handed out by police to individuals found doing things like lying down in the park – an activity that has been repeatedly discouraged across the board for days now.

“How ridiculous is this, people being moved on because [they’re] lying in the park. Well look I’ll tell everyone, I’m gonna go and lie down in my paddock tomorrow. Let’s see if they turn up and fine me because I’m out there in my paddock laying on the ground,” Hanson said.

On the spot fines for individuals in Queensland currently run to $1,334.50 per infringement, so if Senator Hanson wants to go full dumbass and actually follow through on that today, it could wind up being a pretty expensive point to make.