Guess Who’s Being Racist Without Consequence Again

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Only three things in life are guaranteed: death, taxes and the malicious racism of Pauline Hanson. Unfortunately this time her vile spew wasn’t a solo act — Jacqui Lambie was right behind her holding her hair back.

What inspired these two [REDACTED] to come out of their caves to tweet nonsense? Well, Greens senator Mehreen Faruqi tweeted facts about how Queen Elizabeth II led a racist empire that is guilty of multiple colonial atrocities and responsible for traumatising generations of families who had to heal from violence and devastation, all while decorating herself in jewels stolen from other countries.

Thing is, Faruqi didn’t even go as hard as I just did there. Nevertheless, she was met with racism from her colleagues for expressing her (correct) opinion.

Here’s her tweet following the news that Queen Elizabeth II had passed:

Now here is Pauline’s response, followed by Jacqui’s:

Something tells me Faruqi didn’t have to write much to be met with instantaneous racism from Pauline Hanson.

Nevertheless, here we are. Hanson has made a problematic comment yet again, and probably won’t be punished for it yet again. A person of colour now has to deal with the backlash of a white woman’s comment and feel bad for it, while Hanson faces no consequences whatsoever for discriminating against her co-worker.

“In almost any other job, telling your coworker to piss off back to where you came from would be a fireable offence,” said TikToker Lilah (@lilahrpg) in a video that hits the nail on the head.

“Because that is discrimination. So where are the fucking consequences for these racists?”


The Queen has brought out the little colonisers at heart. #auspol #auspol22 #fyp #paulinehanson #jacquilambie #auspol2022

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Unfortunately, this isn’t the first instance of white voices silencing people of colour in the Australian parliament this month.

Senator Lidia Thorpe called Liberal Senator Alex Antic‘s comments racist after he went on a whole spiel about how critical race theory is a “threat” to this country. Again, she’s right and she should say it.

However, she was asked to withdraw that comment, which just showed how our government would rather silence someone who calls out racism instead of the racists.

“This parliament punishes Blak women for calling out racism, yet there are no consequences for being racist in the Senate Chamber. I am not safe in this workplace,” she said in an official statement.

“If I didn’t withdraw, I could have been kicked out of the Chamber for a day and The Greens would be down a vote. They cut off my microphone and told me to withdraw my comment. How is that creating a workplace where everyone is ‘safe and welcome to contribute’?!

“It’s ‘unparliamentary’ to call out racism, but not unparliamentary to be racist. Racism is a disease in this Country. It’s violent and literally makes people sick.

“We need an anti-racist code of conduct for MPs to be accelerated and implemented to stop this from happening in the first place.”

And yet here we are a week later, with two MPs telling a colleague to go back to where they came from. You literally couldn’t even do that in a McDonald’s.

Jacqui Lambie and Pauline Hanson are a duo circus act at a clown college in Hell, and there needs to be appropriate action taken to ensure their racism doesn’t fester and thrive.

But hey, clown colleges in Hell probably shut down racism quicker than this country does.