I’ve never said this combination of words before, or even a different combination of words that mean the same thing, but I mean it when I say this: we should be envious of real estate agents. For the majority of people on this planet, finding true happiness is a nebulous, possibly even impossible task. For those of us not in the business of flipping houses, the rapturous joy that comes with feeling complete fulfilment of your purpose will occur infrequently at best and, at worst, never in our lives.

This is not so for the real estate agents among us. This moment of ecstatic peace comes to them every single time they close a sale. Every time they do the final handshake and hear those magic words (“We’ll take it!“), they’ll climb back into their leased sports car in a state of perfect euphoria.

Real estate agent Sam Nader from LJ Hooker Bankstown experienced this rare, exquisite sensation yesterday after finalising the sale on a house in the Sydney suburb of Padstow. But this house was not just any house — this was a house made temporarily famous by the startlingly horny video used to advertise it.

As you might recall, the video featured a couple enacting a choreographed and vaguely sexually charged dance throughout the house, showing off the sort of design features that would appeal to someone who recently started describing their job on Facebook as “CEO at BEing a freaking boss“.

If you don’t recall, you can go absolutely wild on this video:

As the Canterbury-Bankstown Express is reporting, the house sold for $1.72 million before it was scheduled to go up for auction this weekend. The buyer of the house — a confrontingly young 23-year-old man — reportedly became aware of the house after his brother told him about the ad.

Nader celebrated the sale on Facebook, congratulating the new owner, thanking the vendors for trusting him and his “crazy sales techniques“, and also thanking his “haters“, who he describes as having become his “motivators“.