Olympic Gymnast Dedicates ‘Ninja Warrior’ Run To Fighting Child Sex Abuse

Australian Ninja Warrior is the surprise hit of the year. It clocked 2.3 million viewers on its debut run, and judging by Twitter, the entire country is glued to the thrilling feats of strength and derring-do
And if tonight’s episode is anything to go by, it’s going to sock us with some unexpected Feelings on the regular as well. 
Contestant Larissa Miller is an Olympic gymnast who credits her sport with saving her life after she was sexually abused for her entire childhood. 
Now she’s an ambassador for Bravehearts, an organisation that helps child victims of sexual abuse, and she used her run on Ninja Warrior to draw attention to the work she does with them. 
While she didn’t make it through to the next round, she only missed out by a hair’s breadth – check it out:

And win or no, she has already inspired pretty much everyone.

We love you, Larissa. What a bloody champion.

Image: Instagram / @larissa_miller