NT Woman Calls Cops To Report Her Weed Dealer’s Prices Soarin’ High As Hell

Folks, you cannot make this stuff up. And believe us, we checked.

A woman in the Northern Territory called the police to complain that her weed dealer was overcharging her.

He usually charged her $150 per gram, police confirmed to PEDESTRIAN.TV, but this time he was upping his price to $200.

“She was outraged, so she called us up to complain,” a spokesperson confirmed. “It happens a fair bit up here.”

A post on the Northern Territory Police Fire and Emergency Services Facebook page – which went viral, because of course it did – said the woman “demanded that police investigate this ‘outrageous’ price hike’” but that when asked for further details, hung up. Shocking.

In fairness, $200 is steep as fuck. Unfortunately, that’s part and parcel for the NT. The most recent available data showed that residents are paying exorbitant prices for drugs compared to the national average. (We’re talking $600–$900 per gram of coke per $250–$900 nationally, and $900–$1200 per gram of methamphetamine compared to $250–$1200.)

The data doesn’t provide a snapshot for weed prices, but anecdotally (a.k.a. Reddit), an ounce can cost up to $450.

Marijuana is largely decriminalised in the Northern Territory, with anyone found with less than 50g or two or less cannabis plants copping an fine. If it’s a first offence and the fine is paid, no criminal conviction gets recorded.

While there have been calls in the past to decriminalise marijuana in the territory altogether (ohmygod just do this already) and shift focus to harder drugs, it’s slow as batshit for this country to do anything in harm prevention.

Case in point: the NT Police finished off its Facebook status with a call to dob in your dealer.

“If you know a drug dealer who is ripping you off, give us a call, we’d love to help.”

Here’s the original post:

Photo: Stoner Sloth via the NSW Government.