NSW Residents Woken Up By Earthquake Hitting South Of Sydney Last Night

Residents in Wollongong and surrounding areas in New South Wales were woken up at around 1am last night by a earthquake of magnitude-3.9. 
The earthquake hit Appin, which is approximately 26km north of Wollongong.
According to GeoScience Australia, the earthquake could have been felt in a 56-kilometre radius. 
Residents in the Gong and surrounding areas were woken by the tremor, and some reported items falling from shelves and rattling windows. There’s been no damage reported. 
GeoScience seismologist Jonathan Bathgate said they’d received online reports and a bunch of calls from residents of the area:
“Most people are not reporting any damage at this stage, but certainly are reporting shaking enough to have woken them up and knock objects off shelves, loose objects, and rattle windows and things like that.

So a magnitude-3.9 — it’s certainly a good shake.”
There’s been earthquakes in the area before; since 1999, quakes have ranged from magnitude-1.9 to magnitude-4.8.
Source: ABC