An earthquake struck Victoria on Wednesday morning just after 9am, sending a tremor through large parts of Melbourne and surrounds, and lighting up group chats asking “what the fuck did you just feel that too?”

Bloody hell I don’t think anyone had this on their 2021 bingo sheet.

The tremor was felt right across Melbourne, and as far out as Geelong, Phillip Island, and up to Bright near the state’s alpine region.

According to the Seismology Centre, the preliminary earthquake registered as a 5.3 magnitude with a depth of 10km, and the epicentre has been located around 200km east of the city in the Gippsland area of Mansfield.

Slight tremors from the Melbourne earthquake were also felt outside of the state, with reports that people on the south coast and lower regions of New South Wales, right up to Canberra also felt a slight shake this morning.

The SES has assured that there is no current threat of a tsunami following the earthquake.

Geoscience Australia recorded a secondary earthquake in the nearby area of Rawson, seen as an aftershock of the first quake. The second tremor was listed as a 4.0 magnitude earthquake, and was recorded around 25 minutes after the first major one.

More to come.

Image: Getty Images