NSW Police Roasted For Post About Man Asking Girl For Directions

Come on down to the NSW Police Facebook page and have yourself a time, as commenters en masse have taken up residence on the below post – a media release over an incident on Wednesday in Mount Annan this week, when a “40-50”-year-old man allegedly asked a 12-year-old girl for directions.

No longer lost, you could assume, the man then went on his way; a woman then approached the girl—concerned of her welfare—leading to a phone call with police. 

Police are appealing for witnesses after a girl was approached by a man at Mount Annan near Camden yesterday.About…

Posted by NSW Police Force on Thursday, 3 September 2015

The release has been copping heat in the last 24 hours, as hundreds ask if there’s more to the incident than “bloke asks for directions; gets investigated by the police.” 

There could well be more to the case that the police have not disclosed; for now, though, questions abound.

“I’d like an explanation by the NSW Police as to why a man asking for directions and doing absolutely nothing else requires a police investigation as if he’s guilty of a crime,” writes one; “I asked the girl at Hoyts for directions to Cinema 7 yesterday. Should I turn myself in?”, “I genuinely need clarification, is this a joke? or is it really an offence or a criminal act to ask a minor for directions?” write others.

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