A Cessnock man has been formally charged after footage of him allegedly filming up a woman’s shorts on a Sydney train went viral.

The 30-year-old man was arrested this morning at his Mitchell Close home and has been charged with with filming a person’s private parts without consent and offensive conduct.

He’s been released on conditional bail, but police have seized his phone and computer hard drives for examination by specialist officers. 

If you haven’t seen the footage – which 22-year-old Tegan Portener posted on Monday – it shows the man poking his phone through the bottom of the seat.

According to Tegan, this went on for half an hour before she “worked up the courage” to confront him.

“What are you doing with your phone?” the video shows her saying. “You keep putting it under your chair. What are you doing with it? Why do you keep sliding it under the chair and aiming it at me?”

In the video, the dude doesn’t reply. Tegan alerted the train driver, who in turn contacted the police at Broadmeadow

That was last Thursday, and four days later surveillance cams still hadn’t turned the suspect up.

She then posted the video to Facebook as a warning to other women. “I gave them [the police] these videos and they went through surveillance cams but couldn’t find him so the grot is still out there potentially filming other women ugh,” she wrote.

This grub got on the train at Central and sat directly in front of me, he kept looking around suspiciously but I ignored…

Posted by Tegan Portener on Monday, 21 March 2016

Evidently, CCTV *did* eventually turn something up, because he’s now due to appear before Toronto Local Court on Wednesday 20 April.

Photo: Tegan Portener / Facebook.