NSW Council Cooks Up Scheme To Move ‘The Castle’ House Across The Border

In a harebrained scheme worthy of The Castle itself, a New South Wales council is plotting with a whisky company to save the Kernigan‘s famous Melbourne home from demolition by literally moving the house across state borders.

After Moonee Valley councillors slapped down an effort to heritage list the house – which the owner plans to demolish and build townhouses in its stead – efforts have picked up to try and save the place. This is literally how obsessed Australians are with housing heritage.

Federation Council in southern New South Wales could potentially join forces with Corowa Whisky and Chocolate in a baffling joint venture to have the house moved into NSW, where it would serve as a museum and tourist attraction.
News Corp reports the deal is basically done at this point, quoting Federation Council administrator Mike Eden. “[The council has] been talking to the lady for a few months and they’ve come to a deal and we spoke to the Corowa Whisky and Chocolate Factory and they’ve got a nice block of land to put it on,” Mr Eden said.
It’s expected that the costs of moving the house across the border could cost around $20,000.
Let me be the first to say: they’re dreaming.
Source: The Courier.
Photo: The Castle.