Only in Australia could we be so fixated on saving a single post-war weatherboard house near an airport because it was in a funny movie once.

After the shocking news that the owner of the house from The Castle were planning to knock it down to build two townhouses, a cabal of ‘experts’ and Moonee Valley councillors claimed that the social and historical value of the property was such that it ought to be eligible for heritage listening.

Well, not so much. At a meeting last night, the council rejected the heritage protection bid five votes to four. Mayor Andrea Saraco stressed that it is ultimately private property belonging to someone who is not Darryl Kerrigan.

Local Council Slaps Down Effort To Heritage List House From ‘The Castle’

“An important debate went on, but we have to remember this is a private person’s property,” Ms Suraco told AAP last night. “And the significant heritage or sentimental side is from the movie — and the house was supposed to be in Coolaroo — no one would have known it was in Strathmore.”

Owner Vicki Cosentino has said that she’s wanted to knock the ‘bad luck house’ down for bloody ages, and would lawyer up over any moves to heritage list her property. “I’m sick and tired of it — everyone who’s been in my place has [done] nothing but wrecked it, and I’m sick of spending money on fixing it up,” she told Domain.

Look, we know it hurts personally to see it go. But Australia does have a bit of a problem with being culty about heritage listing – especially on properties with barely any tangible benefits. It’s probably for the best. We’ll always have the movie.


Photo: The Castle.