NSW Cops Celebrate Modest Drug Bust With Very Sad Cash Haul Photo

There’s a great genre of social media photo which is an official police Facebook or Twitter account posting a photo of a cash and/or drugs haul after a big bust. It’s supposed to, I assume, show that the cops are doing great work in the war on drugs. Happy snaps of massive piles of cash and fat bags of goey show us that shit is getting done.

Well, NSW Police have given it a red hot go today, look, the cash and weed haul falls short of the mark.

Okay. First of all, this is Nimbin. You haven’t busted some kind of vicious drug cartel. You’ve clearly busted some oldmates growing weed for their mates (and possibly their mates’ mates, at least three of whom are named Darren). The NSW North Coast will surely collapse in their absence.
Secondly, we’re not talking about pallets and pallets groaning under the weight of millions of bucks of cold hard cash. A quick audit of this cash haul suggests there is… a few grand? That could be someone’s bloody monthly rent.
Straight to the pool room.
Source: Twitter.