NEWS FLASH: Teens Using Tinder For Its Intended Purpose

The Sydney Morning Herald has really got its finger on the pulse of the hot button issues today. In an article posted on their website this morning, the shocking revelation that not only are teens having sex has been made, but also they’re using Tinder to organise hook-ups. A smartphone app designed and widely used for the arranging of sexual encounters being used for precisely that purpose. The fucking nerve of it.

A revealing interview with a 16 year old who, gosh darn it, just could not be named at all, provided a rather eye-opening look into exactly how these renegade, hedonistic, covetous young people have been abusing this once-humble banging app: “All the girls I know have spoken to mainly older guys, around one or two years older. And the guys speak to anyone they can. It starts off with general chit-chat usually, and then it slips into talking purely about sex and physical stuff and then often they eventually arrange to meet up.
What’s next? Where does it stop from here? Is Grindr being misused by amorous gay men as a sexy connection service, and not for the free exchange of angle grinders and other assorted power tools? Is Instagram being used for pictures of people’s food, and not as an instantaneous cocaine delivery service that somehow got approved by iTunes terms and conditions like I somehow convinced myself could actually happen one delirious, fatigue-addled Tuesday night? The Pope sneaking off into the wilderness to take a bare-ass steaming shit in the woods in a posting that would break the internet if it ever got outside of the Vatican City clergy’s Snapchat circle?
Honestly. Teens doing what teens do. Scandalous. What do you think of it all, Mr Horse?