Remember those cuties the Internet nudged together after they chatted on Tinder for three friggin’ years without actually meeting? 

Kent State uni students Michelle Arendas and Josh Avsec captured the imagination of pretty much everyone when aspiring zoologist Avsec posted screenies of the v. creative excuses they made for failing to reply to the other’s msgs for months at a time after swiping right back in September 2014.

When their classic 21st Century love story went viral, ‘Good Morning America’ stepped in and set up their first official meeting… in front of thousands of people at the network’s studio smack-bang in the middle of Times Square.

“This is a dream come true, I can’t believe I’m seeing her right now,” 22-year-old Avsec, 22 told the hosts of ‘GMA’. 

Then came the moment they’d been waiting on for 1,095 days; when URL progressed to IRL, if you will.

Stepping out from behind a wall that had been separating them, they pair immediately hugged it out and looked pretty chuffed about it, too (if not a little embarrassed, as you bloody would be).

Now they’re no longer total strangers, the pair are being whisked off to Maui, Hawaii, on an all-expenses paid trip organised by Tinder.

As for whether they see a future relationship in the works, neither is ruling it out just yet.

“We waited three years to send each other 10 messages so I think we need more than 30 minutes to be able to answer that question effectively. But I dunno, I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks,” said 21-year-old Arendas.

Avsec sounds slightly more optimistic: 

“I’m a really good judge of character so I can at least tell if I’m not going to enjoy being around someone, and I haven’t gotten any of that vibe yet so, so far, so good,” he said.

Watch their full encounter below and tell us your cold, dead heart doesn’t feel *something*:

Hopefully they can accommodate 1,486,999 people at their future wedding.


Source and photo: Good Morning America.