Newlyweds Celebrate By Treating Entire Wedding To A Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Planning a wedding is bullshit hard work. Anyone who’s ever watched half an episode of Bridezillas will be fully aware of that.

But the real trick to it, unlike the fourteen tiered bullfuckery that the more lavish shindigs involve, is that sometimes the best weddings and celebrations are the ones that have to think on their feet and improvise a little bit; the ones that have to do a lot with a little.

So while you, a normal person, might look at an issue like “catering” and come up with a solution that involves carefully considered menu choices, multiple options for your diet and allergy-concerned guests, and a paired selection of local drinks that perfectly accompanies the food, a genius brain would look at that same problem, spy the sizzling grill outside the Bunnings across the road, and smell a gold coin opportunity.

Enter: One intrepid and very much unidentified couple, photographed outside a traditional weekend Bunnings cook up, being served by a grillmaster who was almost certainly unaware they’d be playing the role of wedding caterer on that day.


The photo, posted to The Bell Tower Times FB page a short few hours ago, has already run up ballistic numbers with your average internet punter practically falling over themselves to get around the happy couple and their well-earned tubic meat sleeves.

The photo itself poses many questions:

Was this the plan all along; the result of some restrictive budgetary concerns and a little bit of clever geographical organisation?

Did they phone ahead, or did some unaware Lions club member have one of the most boonta Saturday arvos in sausage sizzle history?

With it being a wedding and all, did they break out the good Eta BBQ sauce, rather than your bog-standard Masterfoods?

And, perhaps most pressing of all, did they present Bunnings with a quote for their original caterer, and did they beat it by 10%?

Lowest prices are just the beginning of the rest of their lives.