Here’s Your NYE & New Year’s Day Forecast So Your Virgo Mate Can Come Up W/ A Wet Weather Plan

New Year's Eve weather

Christmas and Boxing Day are pretty much done so let’s focus on the next big event: New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day, if you’re someone with stamina unlike me). Specifically, I want to know what the New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather is going to bring, because Mother Nature has proven to be an extremely unpredictable binch of late.

We’ve seen much of Southern Australia plunged into a heatwave this week, so will these roasting temps stick around until 2023 in your capital city? Well, I’m going to tell you:

New Year’s Eve Weather and New Year’s Day Weather in Australia


Selfishly starting with Sydney’s New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather because it’s where I live, here’s the tea from the Binches of Meteorology (BoM).

The heatwave warning is done and dusted by Wednesday December 28 and a cool change is a-coming. New South Welshpeople, expect to be reunited with that old friend you don’t like very much: the rain. She’s back, babey. There will be showers starting from Friday December 30 carrying right through to New Year’s Day.

The good news is the temps are still relatively warm, with top of 25 degrees on Saturday December 31 and 26 degrees on Sunday January 1.

In even better news, the showers won’t amount to much. There’s 0-2mm of rain predicted on New Year’s Eve and 0-1mm on New Year’s Day.

So look, the weather isn’t gonna be perfect but it’s not as bad as it has been thanks to La Niña. So Sydney should just shut up and hack it.


Moving on down to the next most populous city, here’s the New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather for Melbourne.

It’s been bloody hot this week in Melbs but it’s going to be far more pleasant on New Year’s Eve. I’m kind of jealous. It’s predicted to be partly cloudy on December 31 with temperatures reaching a max of 28 degrees.

On New Year’s Day, your hangover will enjoy a slightly more balmy 32 degree day. Once again it will be partly cloudy which sounds ideal on a hot day tbh. Cheers to that.


Our friends south of the Bass Strait have been on a rollercoaster of late. It was literally snowing in Hobart a fortnight ago and then the state was smacked with a heatwave. But no, Uncle Geoff, climate change doesn’t exist.

In terms of New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather, it’s going to be much more normal on the Apple Isle. We’re looking at maximum temps of 24 degrees on December 31 (with possible showers) and a partly cloudy 26 degree day on January 1. Ringing in 2023 quite nicely, I reckon.


Poor Adelaide! It’s the city of churches and also of sweaty ass cheeks at the minute, with temps reaching 40 degrees this week. My eye is twitching. But there is reprieve coming before 2023!

The New Year’s Eve weather for Adelaide is still hot, but far more bearable than 40 fucking degrees. It will be sunny and 32 degrees (with light winds) on December 31, and the New Year’s Day weather? Exactly the same forecast! Stunning. Enjoy a few cold McLaren Vale Pinot Grigios for me, folks.


Not sure why Perth even has a BoM page to be quite honest. I feel like it’s always 35 degrees and sunny in Perth, all year around. But in the interest of fairness, I went and had a look at the New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather anyway.

And it turns out — I was wrong.

Yep, it’s only going to be 31 degrees and sunny on New Year’s Eve and 33 degrees and sunny on New Year’s Day. Really glad I looked into that.

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Unfortunately in terms of New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather in Darwin, it is NOT the time to party outside. But I think all Darwinians are aware of this, given it is wet season from November to April.

All I can tell our NT friends right now is that there’s rain coming. And coming. And coming. Basically all week, there is water pouring down onto Darwin. On December 31 it’s a max of 31 degrees with showers and possible storms and on January 1 it’s 30 degrees with showers and possible storms.

Hopefully you have a mate with a nice undercover outdoor area because it’s going to be muggy as fuck when you’re ringing in 2023.


I feel like poor Queensland has copped a lot of rain of late and unfortunately the New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather is not magically dry for you guys.

Saturday December 31 is going to be a max temperature of 28 degrees with showers and the chance of storms. Maybe purchase a glitter raincoat for your NYE shindig just to be safe? Then on Sunday January 1 you can expect 28 degrees again, but downgraded to POSSIBLE showers. I like the optimism!


Last and definitely least, it’s the nation’s capital! Look, we roast them a lot but Canberrans are getting their revenge. Canberra’s New Year’s Eve weather and New Year’s Day weather is going to be pretty glorious, not gonna lie.

For Saturday December 31 Canberra will be treated to a partly cloudy day with tops of 25 degrees. Perfectly moderate, lovely day. For Sunday January 1, a glorious partly cloudy day with tops of 28. See? Revenge is theirs.