If You CBF Battling Boxing Day Crowds, Here Are All The Best Online Sales

Boxing Day Sales
Contributor: Bree Grant
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I don’t know about you, but I fkn love Boxing Day, maybe even more than I love Christmas Day. Why? Because everything’s just better — the family’s calmer and not rushing from place to place, the naps are deeper (and longer), the leftovers taste better and the Boxing Day sales keep me comfortably scrolling on the couch between beveraginos.

A whole bunch of big-name brands and online retailers like Dyson, Emma Sleep, Adore Beauty, Glue Store and THE ICONIC are slashing prices on a bunch of fashion, beauty, tech, homewares products, and more. The Boxing Day sales couldn’t come at a better time tbh. You can make the most of any cash or gift cards you received over the holidays, find the perfect ‘fit for New Year’s Eve/Day, or buy yourself anything that may not have made it under the tree.

Now, the only question left is where to start. Well, we’ve rounded up the Boxing Day sales of 2022 worth shopping, so you don’t have to go hunting for them. Happy shopping, folks.

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The Best Boxing Day Sales in Australia in 2022

The Best Boxing Day Fashion Sales

boxing day sales

The Best Boxing Day Beauty Sales

best boxing day sales
Image: tbh Skincare

The Best Boxing Day Homewares Sales

Image: Dyson

The Best Boxing Day Tech Sales

Image: Sonos

The Best Boxing Day Wellness Sales

best boxing day sales
Image: Yoni Pleasure Palace