Uber Is Helping You Ghost Outta Crap Nights With A New Smoke-Bombing App

You should always look after your friends on a night out, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes they’re really fucking annoying.

Exhibit A? When they want you to hang around on a night out even though you’re clearly having a shittier time than a toilet bowl post-curry.

Exhibit B? When they get filthy at you for smoke bombing / ghosting, because they wouldn’t let you leave the normal way. I mean, what choice did they really give you? Not your fault their neanderthal existence is even more dismal sans you.

Now there’s a way for you to tactfully remove yourself from the situation thanks to Uber. The transporters are launching a new partnership with How To Drink Properly to help y’all smoke bomb the shit out of your friends, but still be a relatively good human while you’re at it.

You see, they’re making it easier for you to houdini by ordering an Uber with ‘Ghost Mode’ and allowing you to send a custom message to your mates that you’ve fucked off. 

Cruel to be kind, in the right measure.