Reddit Reckons Weebs Are Review-Bombing Bluey So Their Beloved Animes Can Thrive Unopposed

Bandit in Bluey wearing a crown and holding a garden rake, looking vengeful

If there is one thing I know about fandoms, it’s that Bluey’s is one of the most passionate out there. Fully-grown adults and adequately-aged children both losing their minds over a talking animated blue heeler. If you fall within either of these categories, I’ve got devastating news for you: there are whispers on Reddit that anime fans are review-bombing Bluey.

I, for one, cannot believe I am writing about this in the year of the Lord 2022. But if there is one thing I have learned in my 26 years on Earth, it’s that the universe works in mysterious ways. The more I think about it, I actually can’t believe the Bluey fandom and weebs haven’t gone head-to-head before.

The battle between the cartoon stans began on July 31, 2022, when Bluey‘s executive producer Daley Pearson Tweeted a screenshot from IMDb. It showed that people had rated a particular episode of the famed dog show — “Sleepytime” — as the second-best TV episode of all time.

But according to The Daily Mail, some days after Pearson’s Tweet, “Sleepytime” literally went sleepy time and plummeted down the ratings ladder to a pitiful SEVENTEENTH PLACE.

Meanwhile, episodes from anime series such as Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba rose to loftier ratings.

I present to you exhibit A. Photo credit: IMDb.
And exhibit B. Photo credit: IMDb.

According to Reddit’s Bluey stans, the only possible explanation is that weebs have been review-bombing the show in a dastardly plot to ensure their little cartoons prosper on the ratings ladder.

Anime fans might actually be review-bombing beloved children’s show ‘Bluey’
by u/formal-shorts in bluey

I am screaming, crying and throwing up over this truly wild conspiracy. It’s “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” level shit. Alt-right Twitter cannot get its dirty little mitts on this conspiracy because it would subvert the theory into something so evil and diabolical it would tarnish Bluey for good.

The Reddit thread itself is madness. I am obsessed.

“It’s a badge of honour really. Anything starts to get haters once it gets enough elevation. The fact that it’s getting review bombed, the silly recent attacking articles — all just testament to how good this show is that’s it’s hit that level. And that it’s a kids show makes this all more amazing,” one Redditor said.

“Yeah, someone bombed the reviews, every review had at least one person put “not helpful” and there are several AoT episodes on the top ten…” said another.

All such valid comments and extremely considered theories. Yet what we’re lacking is a call to arms; mobilisation among the Bluey community.

Luckily, one Redditor heard my concerns.

“If it HAS to come to this, then I HOPE us in the Bluey fandom can make a rebellion over the anime fans. This might be one of the worse things we’ve done, but we shall bring upon war. If you want to contribute to attacking the Anime fandom then comment on this post and leave poor reviews on Attack on Titan!” they said.

Hear, hear, I say!

If the two fandoms were to go to war, surely the Bluey stans would win. One of my deepest, darkest secrets is that I don’t understand the show’s hype, but I have always been too scared to share my truths, lest a 40-year-old Bluey fan hunts me down.

BRB, going into the National Witness Protection Program now.