Uber Eats Has Recruited Absolute Babes Tom Felton & Nicola Coughlan For Its Latest Bonkers Ads

Tom Felton and Nicola Coughlan appear in the new Uber Eats ads

Uber Eats has continued its run of A-List celeb-filled ads with an absolute corker effort for its latest campaign which features Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan and Harry Potter actor Tom Felton.

Titled “Get Almost Almost Anything”, the campaign consists of two separate videos which went live on Friday.

In the first, Coughlan is perched on her couch watching Pride and Prejudice when she decides to order some delivery.

Instead of, um, actual food, she instead orders a “period romance”.

A bloke dressed to the nines in old-fashioned garb then arrives at her doorstep but doesn’t turn out to be everything the movies make him out to be.

The second features Felton reminiscing about his time in the Harry Potter series while looking at a (slightly younger) photo of himself.

Instead of a period romance, Felton instead jumps on the Uber Eats app in search of a magic wand.

TBH the highlight of this second ad was definitely Felton’s ~neighbour~ Jim who appeared in a short cameo role.

He then promptly disappeared again in a puff of smoke after Felton tested out his new gadget.

Both ads ended in agony for the celeb which made for a highly entertaining viewing experience.

At the end of the day, the moral of the story (I guess) is that it’s far better to order food over Uber Eats and not humans or weapons of mass destruction.

“If you think about it, you really don’t want literally anything,” said the project’s creative directors Max McKeon and Harry Neville-Towle.

“It can trigger a national manhunt or burden you with time-travelling misogynists.”


The ad somewhat follows the style of the legendary Kim Kardashian X Sharon Strzelecki ad which came out in 2019.

The eye-popping figure Kim was reportedly paid was later revealed and OOFT it was reallllyyy something.