New Poll Says Turnbull’s Approval Hasn’t Been Lower Since Booting Tones

Another day, another poll hammering home how the Coalition have squandered the tsunami of goodwill they received after ousting Tones. 

According to Fairfax-Ipsos, the Bill Shorten and Labor resurgence is still trundling along. His posse stands 51-49 against Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals on a two-party preferred basis, mirroring the results Newspoll churned out late last month. 

If those numbers were taken as gospel and thrown against the upcoming election, the incumbent side could be bundled out with a 4.5% negative swing, and they could lose a stonking 23 seats. 
While those numbers alone won’t do a massive amount to comfort Labor – after all, there is a butt-tonne of politicking left to do before July 2 – the fact Turnbull’s approval continues to dip will. 

According to the new numbers, he’s sitting at a rating of plus-3. That’s a dip of 7 points in a fortnight, and a scant nine points away from Shorten’s minus-6, which remained steady from the last poll. 
Quick reminder: Malc was sitting pretty at plus-53 in November. That’s how easily political goodwill can evaporate. Still, there’s probably time for it to condense once more, and come raining down on us in sheets of innovation and agility. 
Also, keep in mind, the same poll still pegged Turnbull as preferred PM 49-31. Malcolm may be less popular than last year, but Bill has yet to convert his party’s recent momentum into an excruciatingly obvious burst of leadership clout. 

How great are drawn-out elections, hey?

Source: Fairfax. 
Photo: Pool / Getty.