New Poll Pegs Labor Ahead Of Coalition & Billy Shorts Gettin’ More Popular

At some point it will no longer be appropriate for news organisations to keep saying “the honeymoon is over for Malcolm Turnbull.” But that day is not today. The new Newspoll is more bad news for our Fearless Leader: it pegs Labor ahead of the Coalition 51-49. That’s not huge news in and of itself – the two parties have been neck-and-neck for a few polls now.

The bigger news is that Bill Shorten, once considered by the electorate to have the political appeal of a cabbage with a face drawn on it in permanent marker, has actually been doing very well for the past few weeks. His net satisfaction is -12, which is the same as Turnbull’s now. 
Maybe that’s a sad barometer, seeing as both of them are sitting in the negative. Turnbull is still ahead as preferred prime minister – 46 percent to Shorten’s 31 percent. But Billy is nipping at his heels, and according to Newspoll if the election were held today Labor would win with a narrow majority and the Coalition would lose 23 seats.
Folks… it’s a close one. 39 more torturous days until the election. We can do this.
Source: Newspoll.
Photo: Getty Images / Pool.