The Bureau of Statistics has released their latest update in the progress of the marriage equality postal survey, and the numbers are staggering: About 3 out of every 4 Australians have now returned the votes, representing a huge leap up from the last set of estimates released.

The Bureau now estimates that 11.9 million registered voters have returned their postal vote forms, representing 74.5% of the voting population.

To put that in perspective, the Marriage Equality survey has now, by percentage, received a larger participation rate than the similarly non-compulsory Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, which attracted a voting rate of 72.2%.

Prior participation estimates from the Bureau have been hovering in the mid-60s, but this new large jump in numbers is due to the Bureau beginning the process of scanning returned forms, leading to a tally that far exceeds previous official reports.

The ABS estimates it received around 300,000 new ballots in the mail last week alone.

The figures represent a staggering number of responses received, with the vote still open.

While the deadline for votes to be received is November 7th, the Bureau strongly suggests those of you who are yet to mail back your votes (GET MOVING, MATES) pop that badboy in the post by THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27th. Making sure its sent off by then ensures the greatest likelihood that your vote will arrive in time to be counted which is, we don’t need to stress again, an extremely important thing.

Get yr dang votes in, pals. Every single one counts, and with a response rate this huge, the (hopefully YES) result is likely to be overwhelming.


Nearly 75% Of Australians Have Now Voted In The Marriage Equality Survey


Source: ABC News
Image: Getty Images / Mark Kolbe