More People Join The Shark Cull Protests As Anger Grows Towards Catch-And-Kill Program

Thousands of people have packed onto Cottesloe Beach to protest against the government’s ridiculous shark catch-and-kill program in WA.

In a growing display of humanity, more and more people are banding together to protest against government policy that is ass-backwards. It intends to target any tiger, bull or great white sharks longer than three metres that come within a kilometer of shore. Once caught in drumlines, the sharks are to be killed and dumped further offshore.

Ricky Gervais probably put it best on Twitter.

Great logic. Though it seems that WA Premier Colin Barnett didn’t get the memo. Hours before the protest, an under-sized two metre shark, believed to be a tiger shark, was pulled from a baited drumline off Leighton beach. The animal was the second one to be killed under the program, and was dumped further offshore.

The protests weren’t limited to Cottesloe, with people across the country taking to local beaches to show their anger. Tom Nicol, vice president of the Conservation Council WA, spoke at the Cottesloe protest.

“There is no evidence to support this cull. The cull is driven by fear and fear alone. It is rational not to cull marine life. It is emotive and irrational to spend millions hunting down and killing animals that were never likely to pose a risk to human safety.”

Good point. This guy also raises a strong argument.

Photos: Paul Kane via Getty