A Big Ol’ Moose Found Its Way Into A Hospital Foyer In Alaska, Which Is Fine

A very big moose sauntered into one of the biggest hospitals in Alaska this week, startling staff at the medical centre as it gently munched on the medical centre’s indoor plants for a while.

[jwplayer TVbs9RlS]

Local news reported that the cow moose (a big mama moose) wandered in through the automatic doors of the centre in Anchorage, which were stuck open thanks to the blisteringly cold weather outside, and began to have a bit of a graze on the plants growing inside.

Whether the big fuzzy ambling angel was trying to seek refuge from the cold outside, or noticed the lush green plants and thought “ooh yes I’ll have some of that thanks” is unknown, but she didn’t seem to be too phased about plodding around on the carpet for a bit.

Staff at the centre said that if it was the latter, the moose didn’t take much of a fancy to the greenery on offer, and wandered back out of the hospital’s doors shortly after a crowd of people had gathered inside to watch the moose go about her moosey business.

In the video below you can see the hospital’s security scrambling to shut and lock the door after the big girl had figured out how the doors worked and made a calm exit.

Honestly, can you imagine showing up for your checkup/pap smear/blood test/etc and having to wait a bit because there’s a fucking MOOSE in the foyer? Maybe this sweet angel just wanted to talk to someone about having cold feet. Perhaps she just needed a second opinion on something.

It’s not the first time that a moose has found its way into the shelter of a hospital – another, seemingly younger, one was found in a hallway back in 2012. That sighting was also in Anchorage, AK, which leads me to believe that either moose in that area are extremely daring, or the people of Anchorage absolutely do NOT know how to close a door. Did they grow up in a tent? This is how you get giant elk wandering into the house, Sharon.