Everyone’s Baffled By This Insanely Rare White Moose, Spotted In Sweden

Cop an eyeful of this white moose. Really look at it. Study it closely.

Sure, it looks like he’s just casually crossing a pond or some other body of water in Värmland, west Sweden, after clumsily stumbling down into the water kinda like how we all flail into kebab shops at 4am. On the other side he does casual elk stuff, like nibbling greenery.

Also like us, when swimming, he keeps his head above the water the whole time:

The white moose though is majestic for reasons beyond the incontrovertible fact that he is our “spirit animal” because he appears to swim awkwardly and likes green things.

This big guy also happens to be extremely rare and fascinating: while there are more moose in Sweden per square kilometre than in any other country in the world (in numbers, about 300,000 to 400,000 in summer), there’s only about 100 white moose in the whole dang country.

And, while you might think he’s albino, he actually grows white fur because of a genetic mutation.

It’s a mutant moose, guys.


Because we are living in the year of our Lord, 2017, the internet has some things to say about our mutant overlord:



Me too, Michel, me too.