John Travolta & His Mullet Go Full Stalker In The Unhinged Trailer For ‘The Fanatic’ 

The Fanatic

Right, so, John Travolta has a new movie coming out this year. It’s called The Fanatic and it comes from director Fred Durst, as in Fred Durst of band Limp Bizkit.

[jwplayer tPGcbXFw]

In The Fanatic, Travolta plays a man named Moose who is a big, y’huge fan of a movie star named Hunter Dunbar. Hunter Dunbar is played by Devon Sawa of all people – the bloke from Final Destination. In short, Moose absolutely loses his shit when he fails to get Hunter’s autograph at a meetup. So naturally, he stalks the star, breaks into his home, and then sort of just… ruins his life. Also in the trailer: a flash of a knife, Moose-Travolta’s mullet and tropical shirts, fire, a Jason-esque hockey mask, and a couple of stabbings.

You know that movie Misery, the 1990 one starring Katy Bates? It’s sort of like but… maybe more unhinged.


The Fanatic will hit US cinemas August 30. There’s yet to be an Australian release date, if it will release Down Under, but if not then you’ll have to find another way to watch it. It does head straight to the digitals in September so there’s that.

Speaking of psycho stalker movies, one of Netflix’s latest Originals – Secret Obsession – is currently doing the rounds for how goddamn awful it is… but in a good/ amusing way.

We even broke down all of our thoughts regarding the trash fire piece of work, which you can read right HERE