Mona Foma Is Giving Away An Entire Plane For You & 149 M8s, All You’ve Gotta Do Is Find It

Ever wanted to assemble a gang of 150 of your near and dear and whisk them off on a big fuck-off group trip, but lacked the millions of dollars to get that done? The deeply strange and wonderful people at MONA have you covered.

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With Mona Foma looming large on the calendar this coming January in the beautiful, Kingly city of Launceston in gorgeous Northern Tasmania (God’s Country, for those of you keeping score at home), festival organisers are keen to get punters from the mainland milling about the city while acts like Flying Lotus 3D take the joint over.

To get that done, the festival is giving away an entire Boeing 737’s worth of seats to one lucky punter and 149 of their mates. All you’ve gotta do to be in the running is find the plane.

The Air Mofo plane has been hidden somewhere in Tasmania – or, at least, a virtual map of Tassie – thanks to a competition Mona Foma is set to throw open as of next week.

The gist of it is simple: at 9am on Thursday, October 10th, they’ll be hiding a giant purple and gold Boeing 737 somewhere on a map of Tasmania. All you’ve gotta do to win is be the first to find it. Straightforward, right?

Mona Foma is already giving away a whole mess of clues as to where the hidden plane will be via the competition website, so you might want to start taking some notes and boning up on your Tassie geography. There’s also gonna be clues on social media, in email mailouts, and on YouTube as well. So keep yr dang eyes peeled.

The grand prize is an entire plane – all 150 seats of it – departing from either Melbourne or Sydney that will fly you and literally all your friends to Launceston from the 17th till the 19th of January. Everyone on the plane gets a three-day Mona Foma pass, and probably a whole mess of god knows what on the flight down.

You’ll quite obviously have to sort out 150 peoples’ worth of accomodation yourself, but the flight alone clocks in at a staggering $99,000 worth of prize. Which is a fair chunk of change by anyone’s estimation.

Launceston in summer. Mona Foma. You and 150 mates on a plane together.

The only thing you’ve gotta figure out is who gets the exit rows.

The full 2020 Mona Foma program is being announced on October 18th.