A Queensland Teen Might Have Spotted Elusive White Bastard Migaloo’s Cursed Whale Offspring

A Queensland teen caught an all-white whale on camera and there’s a chance it’s the very own cursed child of albino whale and controversial Australian icon Migaloo. Despite being a humpback whale not a sperm whale, perhaps Migaloo has been studding about the seas. Like a big whaley Pete Davidson.

16-year-old Brayden Blake saw the whale off the coast on Fingal Head in the far north of New South Wales. He caught the snaps on his drone.

“I was so lucky to see it,” he told Nine News. The white wale was vibing with a pod of dolphins which is a cute little bit of sea-creature bonding.

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Wildlife scientist Dr Vanessa Pirotta told The Guardian she didn’t think the whale was Migaloo because of colouration on its tail.

“I don’t know what’s happened to it. It makes me think it’s not albino,” she said.

But she did say it looked a lot like Sir Migaloo.

“I’ve been watching whales for many years and I’ve not seen a whale that looks like that other than Migaloo,” she continued.

Another marine expert, Dr Wally Franklin, highlighted just how rare white whales are.

“This is the first time that I’ve been able to say that the white whale I’m looking at could be a white whale other than Migaloo,” he tole Nine News.

So there’s a chance that Migaloo may have fucked around, found out, and produced another all white whale.

Dr Franklin did say ATM they can’t confirm the identity of the whale. But he pointed out that younger wales tend to start their migration earlier.

“The timing of the sighting is consistent with it being a younger whale, because it’s still very early in the season,” he explained.

Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 at Byron Bay and he’s been a pretty consistent visitor along the East Coast ever since, though he didn’t make an appearance in 2021.

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Plus he’s a sly little bastard who only pops up for a few seconds at a time. An elusive king.

The Migaloo fandom is so strong that at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in 2018 they had a giant floating white whale. Less creepy than the real thing in my opinion.

It remains to be seen whether Migaloo or his potential kiddo will make a return to our shores this year. Keep your eyes peeled whale fans.