Mick Fanning Swaps Spray For Froth, Will Bartend At His Own Brewery

If anyone on this blue Earth deserves a chance to kick up his heels, it’s Mick Fanning. The pro surfer recently announced that after 14 years of back-to-back tours – let alone the death of his brother, a separation from his wife, and a minor run-in with one of the ocean’s more fiesty inhabitants – 2016 would be a “personal year.” 

And the swell continues!! ?? @corey_wilson

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Fortunately, the bloke’s still got some work lined up, but he’ll be trading spray for froth. In an interview with Channel 9, Fanning said his brewery Balter, founded with fellow pros Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr, is gearing up to open in Currumbin. Even better: the blokes are going to be assisting elbow-benders first-hand. 

“We’ve all got our RSA’s, and we’re gonna be behind the bar and talk stories. Yeah, we’ll just float in and out. It’ll be fun,” Fanning said.

If the idea of talking shop with Mick Fanning while downing a pint doesn’t get you keen, we honestly don’t know what to tell ya, bud. 

It’s been a while coming, too. Earlier, Fanning told the Gold Coast Bulletin “surfing doesn’t last forever and for me, marketing and business is something I am passionate about,” and that “we have all been hands-on, getting involved in the branding, marketing and business set-up.”

The Gold Coast brewery is set to open from April. Get keen. Get unbelievably keen. 

Source: Channel 9. 
Photo: Instagram.