National Treasure Mick Fanning Helped Comfort A Teen Surfer After He Injured Himself

Mick Fanning

Last week, absolute legend Mick Fanning came to the aid of a teen after he hurt himself surfing at Bawley Point on the NSW South Coast.

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Per Region Media, Declan Lewis was surfing off Meroo Head when he got himself into a little trouble. Maybe a bit more than a little actually. The young lad sustained multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis.

Declan didn’t seem to mind too much though because Mick “National Treasure” Fanning happened to be surfing the same break. Declan said the surfing icon stayed by his side until the Air Ambulance arrived, keeping his mind off his fractured pelvis and what not.

“Having surfing legend Mick Fanning by his side put a huge smile on Declan’s face and a helicopter ride made for an eventful day!” Mum Fiona shared on Facebook. She also thanked the incredible crew at Toll Ambulance Rescue and the medical team at Canberra Hospital.

“Declan remembers the event and how Dr. Helen supported him and talked him through the entire process. We truly can’t thank you enough.”

Unfortunately, Fanning injured himself a couple of days later after a brutal as hell turn on a wave.

“This turn blew my ACL apart and looks like surgery and 6-12 months of rehab,” he shared on Instagram. “So if you need me I’ll be in the gym so I can get back into the water ASAP! All positive here as it gives me a chance to really work on my bikini body for summer.”

What a bloody babe.

Fanning retired from the World Surf League in 2018 after three world titles and [checks notes] 22 event wins.