Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

In the immortal words of The Jackson 5: Can you feeeeeeel it? Can you feeeel it? Can you feel it? I’m of course referring to that palpable festivity in the air, the awkward reunion of extended families, another anti-climactic New Year’s Eve, and if you’re lucky a few unwanted presents. Just kidding, we’re not that cynical at Pedestrian. It is with a heavy heart however, that we announce the last mail out for 2008 the year that saw the rise of productivity killing memes, change inducing Presidential candidates, and recession. Don’t worry though, you shall receive your daily pop culture updates again come January 5th (I can see the Trainspotting withdrawal scenes already).

We hope you have a lovely break, get some sweet product from the fat man and ring in the New Year like a true hedonist – chasing the dragon. Our good friend Busy P who will be in the country soon has given us an exclusive first look (or listen rather) at the new disco friendly Justice LP. Truly epic shit. Consider it our early Christmas present to you, our beloved readers. Cop it here and see you in ’09.

Much love y’all,
Pedestrian xoxo