Prepare To Lose Your Damn Mind Over This Weird AF Family Christmas Photo

We don’t say this often but… we- we are truthfully a little lost for words. 

Florida woman Natalie Yoshida posted her family Christmas photo on Instagram this week, and people are absolutely losing their minds. 
Look at it first, and then we’ll discuss:

My family’s xmas photo dis year. Disclaimer: this was my idea I want the credit bc it’s damn good ??: @chelseaashe

A photo posted by Natalie Yoshida (@yoshedabomb) on

Alright, let’s talk things that contribute to the creepo factor in this image:
  1. The women have ‘Ho’ written on their t-shirts. 
  2. The father has ‘Chillin’ with my ho’s’ on his t-shirt.
  3. Calling your wife and daughters a ‘ho’ is a debatably questionable move. 
  4. The dad’s hand placement on his wife’s head is… weird. 
  5. Someone made these t-shirts. 
  6. The parents agreed to wear the t-shirts.
  7. The daughters agreed to (and one of them concocted) this idea.
  8. Someone, at some point, said ‘let’s put this image on Christmas cards and send them to our loved ones and colleagues.’

Yoshida family xmas photos 2k15 ?? here’s the back incase U were wondering ??: @chelseaashe

A photo posted by Natalie Yoshida (@yoshedabomb) on

So, that’s us done for Christmas from now until eternity. MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCHES!
Source: Instagram.
Image: Instagram.