How was your family Christmas? Chances are not as cool as Grimes, the breakout indie star and online feminist legend who just dropped her annual home video, recorded with her step-brother Jay Worthy.

As Claire tells it, she and her family make a song each year to ‘avoid the obligatory dinner’. She also specifies that the track took her two hours, is unmastered and is not from her upcoming release, but that she sometimes gets bored between album cycles and wants to put stuff out there.

Entitled ‘Christmas II/The Grinch’, it’s a pretty slamming number which involves quite a few ‘motherf*ckers’, so parental discretion is advised, if you happen to be a hipster parent who plays Grimes to their toddlers. Also there’s gas masks and axes all through the video, because that’s just how Grimes rolls, alright?

Photo via Getty / Astrid Stariawz