Gruesome Twosome Elon Musk And Grimes Had Another Bb In Secret & The Name Has Sent Me To Space

Looks like X Æ A-12 is a big brother because his peculiar parents, Elon Musk and Grimes, have revealed they had another baby in secret.

Turns out the couple reunited shortly after their breakup last year and later welcomed another child via surrogate.

Grimes revealed all the spicy deets in an interview with  Vanity Fair for its latest cover story.

When asked if she had another baby in her life, Grimes responded, “I’m not at liberty to speak on these things,” before adding, “Whatever is going on with family stuff, I just feel like kids need to stay out of it, and X is just out there. I mean, I think E is really seeing him as a protégé and bringing him to everything and stuff.… X is out there. His situation is like that.”

She later confirmed that, via surrogate, she and Musk welcomed their daughter, Dark Sideræl Musk (affectionately called “Y”) in December 2021.

So yes, they’re continuing on with the bizarre name trend. Then again, it would’ve looked even more bizarre to name their son X Æ A-12 and name their daughter, I dunno, Jess.

She went on to discuss the state of her relationship with the despised billionaire, revealing that she still considers him to be her “boyfriend,” but their relationship status is “fluid” in nature.

“We live in separate houses. We’re best friends. We see each other all the time…. We just have our own thing going on, and I don’t expect other people to understand it,” she said, adding that they’re very happy and even want more kids.

“This is the best it’s ever been,” she said. “We just need to be free…. We’ve always wanted at least three or four.”

Read Grimes’ full cover story with Vanity Fair here.

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