Melbourne Train Commuters Endure Shitful Morning Thanks To Suspicious Package

Melburnians, turns out there’s a decent reason why your morning commute was particularly shitty this morning. Victoria Police were alerted to a suspicious package at North Melbourne Station, forcing the entire station to be closed, throwing City Loop trains into utter chaos.

Five of Melbourne’s train lines – Craigieburn, Sunbury, Upfield, Werribee, and Williamstown – were all suspended at about 8am after police ordered operating company Metro to halt all trains heading towards the station, effectively shutting down a solid portion of the city’s train network in the process.

The halt in services forced hundreds of passengers to either wait on crammed platforms in the city’s west as the police attended the scene, or switch to nearby bus transport. Photos show scores of people stranded on platforms and trying to cram into bus services not capable of taking everyone on board.

Folks attempting to grab rideshare vehicles to work instead were faced with an ugly slap in the face too; Uber’s surge pricing at one point had a trip from North Melbourne Station to Flinders Street costing a staggering $89.25.

Trains were eventually allowed to pass through North Melbourne, with commuters faced with the eerie sight of the normally busy suburban hub station completely deserted.

Police confirmed that the device found at the station was not a threat to passengers at around 9:30am this morning. However a heavy police presence remains at the scene, including the bomb squad which was called in to investigate the package.

Metro is advising that significant delays will remain in place throughout the day as the network struggles to return to normal, due to scheduled drivers being knocked out of position as a result of the incident.

All lines affected by the station shutdown have resumed service.