Melbourne, There’s A Sneaky Chance To See ‘Book Of Mormon’ For A Measly $20

The Book of Mormon is just about the hottest ticket in Melbourne at the moment, with the early weeks of the smash-hit musical’s debut Australian run selling out well in advance. Best availability at the moment puts your butt in a seat somewhere around late March.
What’s more, tickets for the show written by ‘South Park‘ geniuses Matt Stone and Trey Parker ain’t exactly the cheapest little ditties in town. Prices for the shows generally start at around $140, and it only gets more expensive from there (totally worth it, but, because it’s gonna rule).
HOWEVER. The show’s producers have dropped a bombshell on everyone today, announcing that a lucky crowd will not only getting to see the performance before anyone else does, but they’ll be able to do so for really, really, REALLY god damned cheap.
One day before the show opens properly, the production is putting on a special preview performance of the show, and all tickets will be a mere $20.

The preview show is set for Tuesday, January 17th (ahead of the public premiere on the 18th) at the show’s Melbourne home of the Princess Theatre.
Now here’s the catch.
Tickets will only be available from the theatre box office from 10am, Monday January 9th. No online sales. No phone orders. You’ll have to physically cart your butt down to Spring Street and line up in the hopes of snaring them. What’s more, they’re strictly limited to 2 tickets per person.
The bargain-basement ticket prices are not just a rarity for a major international production, they’re practically unheard of. Show staff state that the reason for this is that they want to make the show accessible to those who might not otherwise be able to afford to see it.
Measures are also in place to prevent the show from falling into the hands of scalpers, with ticket purchasers being required to show photo ID on the night of the performance to gain entry.
Demand for the preview show is expected to be sky-bloody-high, as you’d expect. So if you’re absolutely frothing for a chance to see one of the most highly acclaimed musicals in modern history, you’re gonna have to get down to the Melbourne CBD at the absolute butt-crack of dawn on Monday morning.
But $20 tickets to see the show before anyone else? Worth it. Absolutely worth it.

Source: Book of Mormon.
Photo: Book of Mormon.