Well Hot Damn, It Looks Like ‘The Book Of Mormon’ Is Coming To Sydney

Folks, it looks like the days of scouring for cheap flights to Melbourne in order to get your crass theatre fix could be numbered. It would appear that The Book of Mormon is headed up the Hume to Sydney, at long last.

The smash-hit musical penned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone – they of South Park infamy – has been playing to sold out houses in the Victorian capital more or less continuously since it opened in February of this year.

But like all good things the engagement has to come to an end at some point, and it looks like the next move for the highly acclaimed production is the blessed burg of Sydney.

Advertising posters have quietly begun popping up at bus stops and in public spaces across Sydney this week, teasing that the musical is headed to New South Wales at some point soon.

The production’s social media channels are being particularly cagey about the whole thing, but anecdotal and eye-witness evidence has confirmed the presence of the posters across Sydney.

These teaser ads are identical to the ones that popped up across Melbourne prior to the announcement of the show’s engagement at the Princess Theatre, so this is as good an indication as any that the show is headed north.

There is absolutely no information beyond what you see above available at the moment; dates, venue, and ticketing info are yet to be confirmed by the show’s team.

They have, however, put up a sneaky waitlist for any future ticket releases. So if you’re absolutely keen (which you should be, because it rules), plonk your name down on the list via this link, and keep a watchful eye out on yr email inbox.

The show is booked to run in Melbourne until at least mid-November.