Melbourne Man Takes Social Distancing To New Levels In Enviable Human-Sized Bubble Get-Up

Footage of a Melbourne man walking the streets in an inflatable bubble has gone viral, with punters collectively applauding the king for his unique method of social distancing.

Facebook user Janine Rigby blessed the cybersphere with his presence over the weekend, posting a video of Mr Bubble parading across a Belgrave street while chanting ‘I’m the man in the bubble’.

“Only in Belgrave,” she captioned the 30-second snippet. “Thank you to this man for making us smile. This was a Random Act of Kindness!”

The clip has amassed over 1.3K comments and 1.7K shares in the subsequent days, with fellow users commending the self-proclaimed ‘man in the bubble’ for taking pandemic protection to new heights.

I’d say that we must protect this man at all costs, but it seems like he’s doing a pretty decent job at protecting himself.

Given that Victoria recorded 384 new cases today (and a whopping 532 COVID-19 cases yesterday) Mr Bubble may be onto something here.

BRB, searching for inflatable bubbles online. To Melbourne Bubble Man™, I salute your valiant efforts to stay quarantined in public.