Melbourne Welcomed Trans-Tasman Travellers With An Artistic Display Of These Nice Big Balls

Melbourne Airport interpretive dancers

Monday was emotional for families and friends split across Australia and New Zealand, because it was the day the trans-Tasman travel bubble finally opened. And to celebrate, Melbourne Airport greeted our incoming Kiwi arrivals with *checks notes* dancing balls.

It turns out those ominous-looking balls are in fact bubbles. As in travel bubbles. Like the trans-Tasman travel bubble. Get it? Good.

The result looked like something out of an episode of Parks & Rec. It was imaginative, it was unexpected, it was a teeny bit cursed, but at the end of the day, it was kinda fun.

Kiwi media ended up picking up on the celebrations at Melbourne Airport, and they dragged us to hell and back over it.

“The footage has since been retweeted hundreds of times, by both Australians and New Zealanders, who almost unanimously agree that it was at least a bit of a weird way to celebrate the milestone,” wrote the NZ Herald, disapprovingly.

Well hey. At least we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV won’t shit on this Aussie cultural treasure. Let the balls swing freely, I say.

am slightly disappointed that Sydney Airport didn’t reciprocate by enlisting the 101 Doll Squadron to twerk for newly-arrived Kiwis, but alas, the bubble dancers will suffice.

Actually neverminded, Sydney enlisted drag queens which is an excellent idea and should be a regular occurrence for all international arrivals, regardless of whether it’s the first day of a travel bubble or not.

Drag queens and balls. We are witnessing the creation of Aussie hospitality before our very eyes.

Melbourne Airport… thank you.