A New Book Claims Meghan Markle Felt Her 2018 Aus Trip Was ‘Pointless’ & TBH Her Reasons Are Fair

meghan markle australia 2018

Hot royal chamomile claiming Meghan Markle despised her Australia trip has been spilt by alleged royal insiders. I mean who can blame her? The country is currently a steaming pile of coal run by a river troll who can’t cook chicken.

The claims come from a tell-all book by former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown aptly titled “The Palace Papers”. Brown claims to be someone that Princess Diana could call a friend in the 90s. She also claims that she still has friends in royal circles, which is how she got hold of this spicy Meghan tea.

One section of the book focuses on Meghan’s trip to Australia in 2018, specifically around the claim she didn’t enjoy a single second in our country. Ouch.

“So, Meghan must have been thrilled with it all … right? No. She apparently hated every second of it,” writes Brown.

According to Brown’s Palace staffer insider, Meghan found the entire trip and its itinerary, “pointless”.

“She didn’t understand why things were set up in that way. Instead of being excited when thousands of people showed up at the Opera House, it was very much like, ‘What’s the purpose? I don’t understand this,’” wrote Brown.

“The ‘this’ being the representational role of the British monarchy and its traditional agenda, rather than the focus on causes she wanted to spotlight.

“It was head-turning for Meghan to experience the full-throttle motorcade-purring, outrider-vrooming, crowd-roaring adulation of a popular young royal on a tour planned to the last teacup by the Palace machine.”

The book goes on to write how after the trip going super smoothly, Meghan assumed that she and Harry would be “elevated in the Palace hierarchy”.

“[She] felt snubbed that there was no particular display of Palace appreciation.”

The first mistake there was expecting the dinosaur fossils that run the royal Palace to show any kind of warm emotion.

As always, we need to take everything from this tell-all with a grain of salt. It’s no secret that everyone associated with the royals has had a thing against Meghan since she first appeared. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a few sprinkles of hyperbole in this story to promote book sales.