Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have accused the BBC of defamation and libel over its reports on the naming of their newborn baby daughter, Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. It’s the latest royal scandal to come about, and I’m just over here wondering when Meghan and Harry can catch a damn break.

What exactly was in the BBC report you may ask? Well, essentially they claimed that the name ‘Lilibet’ was used without Queen Elizabeth‘s permission. Lilibet of course is Elizabeth’s private nickname that was affectionately used by her father and late husband throughout her life.

It’s such a personal name to the Queen that reports claim she signed a letter as Lilibet atop the funeral wreath for Prince Philip.

The accusation was made by the BBC’s royal correspondent Jonny Dymond, who claimed to have insider sources within the Palace.

According to the BBC, Meghan and Harry sent a group of publishers and broadcasters a legal letter through their law firm Schillings, stating that the BBC report on Lilibet’s name was completely untrue.

A spokesperson for the Sussexes even made a refuting statement towards the BBC, doubling down on the fact that Harry and Meghan did in fact ask the Queen for permission.

“The Duke spoke with his family in advance of the announcement – in fact, his grandmother was the first family member he called,” they told the BBC.

“During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honour. Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name.”

The BBC yarn that ripped into Meghan and Harry for naming their daughter Lilibet has since been edited now that multiple sources are claiming that the couple asked for clear permission beforehand. It’s amazing what a legal letter can do for you and your family.

There currently hasn’t been any kind of statement by Meghan or Harry, but I assume they’re busy looking after their daughter, who isn’t even a week old yet. It’s wild to think that the couple has to shield her from media attacks at such an early point in her life.

If you need me, I’m gonna be in a perpetual state of disbelief.

Image: Instagram / @misanharriman