‘Bachie’ Lovebirds Matty J & Laura Byrne Are Having A Wild One In Iso & The Content Is Primo

matty j

Isolation has made us all a bit mad, hasn’t it? Some of us just spend our days crying and eating mashed potato (just me?), while others – like The Bachelor lovebirds Matty J and Laura Byrne, have turned into Instagram entertainers. And we’re not mad about it.

The videos started off, I mean… immediately batshit, to be honest.

To be fair, Matty J has been doing this sort of chaotic content for a while, but it really seems like they’re slowly tipping off into the deep end in the best way. There’s this quality rave featuring their extremely cute bebe, Marlie-Mae:

This absolutely amazing annoying-birthday-filming:

“What are you doing, stop” – me every time someone talks to me when I just want to mindlessly scroll through IG, feel you Laura.

Then it ramps up, like big time.

Just amazing. I don’t even know what the fuck is going on here:

Or here:

But I do know that everyone who owns a baby should be painting eyebrows on them right now. It’s the content we need.

Good job, guys.