Laura Henshaw Gave Her Fiancé The Shittest Iso Haircut And It’s Kind Of Adorable To Watch

Iso haircuts seem to be inevitable for all of us. The only question is whether we’re gonna bite the bullet sooner or later.

Laura Henshaw, who co-founded the Keep it Cleaner app (a.k.a. that fitness/nutrition/life organising app), stepped up to giver her fiancé Dalton Graham a trim and it turned out to be a chaotic and hilarious mess.

It was his idea, and even from the beginning Laura was hesitating. The end result was probably not what either of them had in mind.

“Today’s activity was me cutting Dalt’s hair in our new home salon,” she wrote.

“It was even worse than I expected it to be.”

She went on to do what everyone does when they’ve fucked up big time – blame the other person. We’ve all been there.

“He didn’t give me enough creative direction and I feel if I had’ve had more it would have been a different result but I did my best,” she wrote.

She also added: “Also sorry he isn’t wearing pants!!!!!”

No need to apologise for that last bit, Laura. Just the haircut.

As shit as the haircut was, Laura tried her best and Dalt was a good sport. If anything, they made a shitty iso haircut look way more fun than going to the hairdresser (Laura this is not a invitation to cut my hair).

Lucky for Dalt, he had a Plan B.

“I will shave my head if you bugger this up,” he declared early on.

Better get out the clippers, then.