Pray For These Men Who Are Copping God-Awful Self-Isolation Haircuts From Their Girlfriends

self-isolation haircuts

As the world enters a period of social distancing and isolation, it seems like a pretty shitty time to be single. But it turns out it’s not too easy for those in relationships either, with dozens of men taking to social media to show off how much their girlfriends have royally fucked up their hair with boredom-fuelled isolation haircuts.

As someone who recently bleached the absolute fuck out of their hair, I cant judge these women who decided to take a pair of scissors to their boyfriends’ luscious locks.

It turns out, there’s only so many puzzles you can do and board games you can play before you inevitably try to convince your boyfriend to let you cut his hair. And apparently there’s a plethora of men out there who are sweet/stupid enough to actually let their partners do it.

Thankfully, Australian barber shops and hairdressers remain open, but overseas in the UK, people aren’t so lucky.

With no hairdressers in sight, millions of people have been left to choose between cutting your own bangs or growing out your emo fringe.

Personally, I think we’d all do a lot better at social distancing if we were forced to cut our own bangs. And alarmingly, it looks like many people have resorted to desperate measures during social distancing.

There’s been a huge spike in “How to cut your own hair” searches on Google in recent days, which can only mean one thing.

Bad haircuts.

It’s not just girlfriends that are becoming makeshift barbers during this lockdown, the whole family seems to be down to ruin a haircut or two amid the coronavirus pandemic. I mean, who can blame them? You’ve got weeks to grow your locks back out.

Honestly, this is as good of a time as any. Get out your scissors or that box of hair bleach and just go for it. What’s the worst that could happen?

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And please remember to wash your hands frequently (for at least 20 seconds) and keep at least 1.5 metres between you and those around you.