Your Old M8s Ben & Liam Gave Each Other Fucked Iso Haircuts And It Went As Well As You’d Expect

ben and liam haircut

Honestly, everyone who’s managed to stop themselves from busting out the scissors and giving themselves an isolation haircut so far deserves a medal. But do you know who’s NOT getting a medal? Nova 919 breakfast hosts Ben & Liam.

And none for Ben & Liam, bye.

Isolation gets the best of you sometimes and if there’s nobody around to stop you, you could end up with some god-awful haircuts. Clearly, there was nobody around to stop Ben and Liam this morning.

The radio duo were inspired after their producer Wolf came to work with a new bleach blonde hairdo, which prompted Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton to *checks notes* fuck their shit up.

“We saw everyone getting iso haircuts and thought why don’t we get involved. The only difference was the listeners choose the haircuts and they didn’t hold back with their suggestions,” the boys said.

As we all know, the first step to a good self-isolation haircut is finding your inspiration. For me, it was 2007-era Avril Lavigne, but the boys had a few different options to choose from. Naturally, they added Joe Exotic, Dustin Martin and Peter Garrett, among others, to a spinning wheel and let fate decide.

Ben’s spin of the Wheel of Bad Haircuts resulted in an iconic look, The George Costanza, while soccer-fan Liam ended up rocking a Ronaldo circa-2002 look.

ronaldo 2002
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With precisely 0 years of barbering experience between them, the radio hosts got to work absolutely destroying each others’ luscious locks.

The end result? Well, let’s just allow the photos to speak for themselves.

To make matters worse, the boys spun the wheel again to decide how long they have to rock their stylish new ‘dos. Ben and Liam spun 13 and 14 days respectively, so it’s going to be a long fortnight for their poor girlfriends who are forced isolate with them.

If you were looking for a sign that you shouldn’t give yourself a DIY-haircut, this is it. But if you’re looking for a justification as to why it’s a *good* idea to do your own hair, we’ve got you covered too.

You can peep the full video on their Facebook below.