Phoebe Tonkin Told Me How She’s Spending Self-Isolation And I Plan On Copying It To A Tee

The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on many industries around the world, including the entertainment business as various films and TV shows have halted production to protect cast and crew.

But just before the outbreak, production wrapped on the highly anticipated second season of Stan Original series, Bloom.

This morning, I got on the horn to Australian national treasure, Phoebe Tonkin, to discuss the new season of the award-winning series.

Tonkin, who is currently in isolation in LA, shared that while the first season is “all about grief and mourning,” season two is “a bit more hopeful, there’s a lot more colour.”

There’ll be more Bloom-related tea from our chat to come closer to the release date so watch this space, but in the meantime I wanted to suss out how Phoebe is going with self-isolation.

“Yeah good, I’m just trying to stay inside and not go out in public,” she said.

“[Staying indoors is] pretty weird but I think everyone needs to adhere to what’s being said and take responsibility and be accountable and stay at home. There’s a lot of book reading and movie watching right now.”

Naturally I wanted needed to know what her isolation reading / viewing material consisted of:

“Right now I’m reading a book called Three Women (by Lisa Taddeo) and I’ve been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is amazing,” she shared.

Some A+ recommendations there, Three Women is an acclaimed novel that debuted at number two on the The New York Times Best-Sellers List, and, of course, Larry David’s comedy is always a good idea.

And in terms of social distancing, Phoebe said that she’s “in a lot of group chats right now” and that she and her mates are even “planning on doing a pilates class on FaceTime so we can all work out together.”

A bloody genius idea as it combines two self-isolation essentials: staying in touch with your pals and keeping up with your fitness.

She acknowledges that although she’s “fortunate” enough to “have the means to be able to stay at home,” many folks “don’t have that luxury.”

So she urges people who do have the luxury to work from home to do so.

It’s hard to know how long we’ll need to remain in self-isolation, but if we’re still on lockdown by the Easter long weekend, at least we’ll have Bloom season 2 to binge-watch for a bit of escapism.

“That’s what I think is so great about the show, it’s grounded enough that it’s relatable but you still feel like you can escape into the show through the characters,” Phoebe said.

“It’s a show that’s made for bingeing, that’s how it’s filmed, so you can sit at home and watch all six episodes.”

The entire first season of the Stan Original series is now streaming so get check it out before the second season drops on April 9.