Matthew Guy Cornered By Anti-Racism Campaigner At Polling Booth 

Matthew Guy

An anti-racism campaigner has confronted Victorian state opposition leader Matthew Guy about his policies at a polling booth in Melbourne‘s south east, this afternoon.

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In a video posted to Twitter, Roj Amedi for Colour Code – an independent movement of First Nations and migrant communities – asked Guy why he feels the need to vilify some members of the Victorian community.

“We haven’t done that actually,” Guy responds before apologising to voters for the disruption.

“This is election day, if you don’t mind I’d like to stop being harassed,” he tells Amedi.

Amedi – a senior human rights and racial justice campaigner for the GetUp! powered organisation – also tweeted the video and wrote “we will stand together and hold them accountable.” 

Victorian Liberals came under fire earlier this year after leaflets handed out in the Keysborough electorate warned of “gangs hunting in packs”

The leaflets were handed out around the same time Channel 7‘s Sunday Night aired their report on “African gangs running riot.” 

To the polls: Daniel Andrews for Victoria Labor is tipped to be re-elected as Victorian Premier with Channel Nine‘s state election day Galaxy Poll predicting a “stunning victory for Labor.” 

However, Liberal Party President Michael Kroger told Nine: “Most election day polls and exit polls, have historically been very wrong.” 

According to the poll – calculated from a sample of 1528 voters across 16 seats – primary support for Labor is sitting at 41 per cent while the Coalition is at 38 per cent. The Greens sit at 12 per cent.

Then, the ABC‘s election analyst Antony Green made the same call less than two hours after polls closed saying there’s just “no good news in these figures for the Liberal party.” 

Meanwhile, the Democracy Sausage with onions-no-onions-onions-underneath-onions-on-top-onions-on-the-side was in full force this arvo – taking many shapes and forms because… this is Melbourne.


Look at this bloody monster of a democracy sausage.