Forget Your Democracy Sausage ‘Cos A Polling Place In Melb Was Selling Oysters & Champagne

In a move I am lowkey quite obsessed with, one polling booth made the bold, bold choice to sells oysters and champagne ahead of the Victorian election. Certainly a leg up from the classic sausage sizzle stand.

It is certainly one way to celebrate democracy, though I’m not sure how well oysters pair with sausages and fried onion.

The oysters were spotted at Richmond High School and organised by two parents with a kid in Year 11 at the school.

Sarah Nguyen and Chris Edwardes spoke to The Age about the rogue oyster-not-quite-sizzle.

Edwardes described Richmond as a “funny suburb”‘.

“We’re the second-richest suburb in Victoria and about one-third of our kids come from social and public housing,” he said.

“I took a bit of a gamble and put on some fairly gourmet food and my wife cooked a lot of Vietnamese food.”

Richmond High is aiming to raise $20,000 for a fund which goes towards mental health support and excursions for students who might not be able to access them.

A pic of the menu shared on Twitter also included your classic democracy sausage for $3.50. I paid a whopping $5 for my federal election democracy sausage so honestly, this is a bloody score.

There was also the option of “posh porridge” featuring steel-cut oats and a fruit compote, as well as a “plain old boring burger for wimps and right-wing Liberals” and Vietnamese gourmet sausage rolls, to name a handful.

Why is this the most delectable-looking menu I’ve ever read in my entire life? Consider my tastebuds absolutely tickled.

6 News journo Leonardo Puglisi also tweeted that oysters were being “handed out” in Richmond.

As a Sydney resident I hate to say it, but I think Melbourne is winning in the food stakes here.

Maybe we can have lobster rolls at the NSW state election next year? I will be contacting my local high school and putting in a formal request in advance.

In terms of the actual Victorian election itself, The Greens candidate Gabrielle De Vierti has won the seat after being up against Labor’s Lauren O’Dwyer in what looks like another “greenslide”.

Surely first order on the list is democracy oysters?