Mariah Carey Opens Up About The Physical Burden Of James Packer’s Wealth

Bleeding hearts unite for Mariah Carey, who has revealed she’s suffering from the debilitating medical condition known as ‘Richarmitis’.

Hugely rare – it affects just 1% of the world’s population – the syndrome is, in Mimi’s case, the result of extreme stress to her body caused by the 35-carat engagement ring she received from fiancé James Packer.
Opening up about her diagnosis for the first time on E! News, Mariah admitted lugging around the diamond has left her in “agony”:
“It’s so heavy, I can’t lift my arm up,” she said, resting her afflicted limb on the arm of a chair.
Here’s the full interview </3:

Mariah Carey Tell All

“It’s so heavy, i can’t lift my arm…” – Mariah Carey opens up about life, love, that ring and WHEN she plans to wed James Packer… #sun7

Posted by Sunrise on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Richarmitis can be fatal if, god forbid, the weight of an afflicted’s diamond tips sends them A-over-T, and into the line of oncoming traffic.

Doctors have apparently advised her to trade-down, to a ring with about half the number of carats, and keep the small country Packer gave her for special occasions only – at least until a cure for is found.
Source: Sunrise.
Photo: E! News.